Friday, October 11, 2013

Wells Water and land.......I love land ... esp rural land. I have owned 3 properties with well. I had a spring go dry in 76 and had to drill a well. Now we have a water problem in Nipomo. Wells going dry people are drilling more wells. I'm a Real Estate broker and have been looking at properties lately that have water issues.
The latest property is 40 acres with a $9 electric bill and no records of pump repairs when dug, no tests etc. Fishy
So here is what one needs when looking into water issues on property. First a water test when the pump is hooked up and there is a proper way to measure flow for 12 hrs cost about 1200 on the Central Coast of California. If the pump isnt hooked up one needs a pump, a generator and a large container, swimming pool, holding tank to measure production, this costs about $5000 just for the test. Drilling a well is about $10,000-20,000 depending on depth and no guarantee of water.
So we need some kind of pump test
One pulls a test on mineral content and organic matter. Green Grow labs in SLO
Would like to find well completion report.
The pump should have a repair card attached to pump with name of last servicer.
Photo of well, close up to see if a opening would allow a depth measurer allowed in
WE also need a property map. and location of well.
a pool 15x20x5 is  1500 cubic feet 5 gals a min should fil the pool in 15 hrs approx
When I'm not so tired I'll do the proper conversion
Taylor Wells services much of Suey Creek.
A one in pipe will deliver average amout of household water. Wouldnt service foe 300 gals / min

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