Monday, December 21, 2009


December 21, 2009Working with Our Insect NeighborsThe Insect Kingdom A change of season may bring about a change in the insect activity in and around your home. Rather than heading for the fly swatter or bug spray or calling the exterminator, try working with the insect kingdom rather than fighting it. Making this choice on a conscious level puts you in touch with nature, allowing you to create harmony within your ecosystem.
Insects "bug" us for shelter, water, or food, but they can also come into our lives to bring us a message. Though many cultures have decided what insects represent to them, you may be able to decipher their message just by thinking about their attributes. For example, bees may be telling you to communicate psychically with your family or to spread your talents like pollen. Their buzzing could be warning you about someone who could sting you or reminding you to stop and smell the flowers. Once you get their message, they may leave on their own. But if they don’t, you may want to spend a few days patiently inviting them to leave. In meditation or aloud, explain that this is your home and that the insect world is outdoors. While you understand their hunger and thirst, you will provide them with a designated place outside. Be sure to offer them appropriate food and make a commitment to replenish the supply regularly. You can even make a ceremony of it: Choose a time such as suns! et every Sunday, or every full moon, then create a line of demarcation around your home with sage or by sprinkling some herbs before giving your offering. This serves the dual purpose of keeping your bargain with your insect neighbors and keeping you in sync with nature’s cycles.
As we make the decision to respect nature, whether inside our homes, outside enjoying a picnic, or while gardening, we acknowledge that we all share the earth and need each other for our mutual survival. As we work together, we learn how to live in harmony with all living beings.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


You were a good old boy and a great ride. 30 yrs is enough for a good old horse. Yesterday YOU WERE FINE and we trimmed your hoofs and this morning you were gone. I loved you very much but now we must part and you are in a better place than I.
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Potluck tonight at the Odd Fellows Hall SLO

A Celebration Honoring Cultures, Religions & Traditions
At This time of Year Take part in this interfaith,
multi-cultural event through an artistic and
ritualistic experience exemplifying
“Return of the Light.”
Bring a potluck dish (no alcohol please) and
experience the similarity and differences of
various traditions this time of year.
Each group will share a 10 minute
presentation. Featured Traditions include:
• Native American
• Jewish
• Christian
• Hindu
• Peace Choir
• Scottish / Celtic
• Mexican Las Posadas
evening ends with a participatory spiral
candle lighting.
WHEN: Sunday, December 20th
TIME: 6:00pm to 6:45pm (potluck)
7:00pm to 9:15pm (Celebration)
WHERE: SLO Odd Fellows Hall (520 Dana St.)
COST: Suggested Donation $5
All proceeds after expenses will be donated to
the SLO Food Bank
For more information, please contact
Paula Vigneault at 805-541-0367.

Wish I could go but have prior commitments
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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Strange Culture in a documentary, on Hulu (free web site for TV and movies) about an artist that was harrassed for investigating and exhibiting science/art exposing genetically modified food. After four years of court bs he was aquitted.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

People report credit card information stolen after using Paso Robles gas station - Breaking News -

People report credit card information stolen after using Paso Robles gas station - Breaking News -

BBC News - Octopus snatches coconut and runs

We dont give animals enuff credit, here is a perfect example of how animals have a lot more going than we thought. If only our nation would stop wasting money on space and look to our oceans for solutions. I'm sure there are more mysteries to be discovered right here on earth.

BBC News - Octopus snatches coconut and runs

Friday, December 11, 2009

We can do this
Wave power? Why havent we thought of this before? PG&E must of found a way to profit on the back of mother nature again.
Has anyone thought of wind power in Sandy Maria? Since the farmers cut down all the wind breaks on 166 to Guad that place is a wind tunnel. I'm thinkin if each back yard in SM had a wind machine the whole place could fly away.
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Super saturated photo
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Monday, December 7, 2009


Lite rain for the past few hours.
And its another Monday, with a week full of stuff.
Sore muscles and still dont have the 18 yd of compost spread. Bobcat work done but now its ho ho ho.
Off to farm supply for cover crop as soon as they open. Wild doves ate much of what I seeded last Oct.

A girl friend I havent seen in 50 yrs is coming this week......... not sure which day. We lost track of each other and I asked her why? She remembers my parents discouraged her friendship. She was my first friend with a car and boy did we have fun, innocently but the mother in my life was losing a babysitter so it wasnt convienent for me to have a friend with a car. I learned later take my baby sister with me and had no problems leaving the house. Really excited to see Bettybob. We reconnected thru classmate. I've been on the site for 3 yrs waiting for her to come on too. Finally last summer she happened on and we talked on the phone once. Sounds like she has a very traditional marriage kids, Daughter of the American Revolution(What ever that is?) kinda thing near SD at the beach. Love the beach.
So good day to clean up the miriad of projects laying around the home.
Bitches stich-inn Wed so wont be going to the Stinton ranch for oak tree regeneration ws. unless rains Wed and they do it Fri.
Who said retirement was for the tired? Too bad Americans dont care for the experience of the elderly, I was there once but now I had to fire that landscape designer for their arrogant attitude toward my 60 yrs of gardening experience. I grew up in my Grandma Jette's garden.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Trash Roca

White Trash Roca ·
Line a 9x13 pan with foil ·
Put one layer of saltine crackers on bottom of the pan ·
In a saucepan add 1 cup of butter (two cubes) and 1 cup of brown sugar.
Bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes ·
Pour over crackers and bake in oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes ·
When you bring it out of the oven pour a layer of your favorite kind of chips (chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, etc.) After your chips melt a little spread with a spatula ·
Then if desired you may add chopped or diced nuts to the top of the melted chips.
Kind of press nuts in to the melted chips ·
Put into refrigerator overnight.
Take out of the refrigerator, flip it over, pull off the foil and break in to bite size pieces!
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Frank Sinatra Jr 50 years of fanship

Frank and I were high school mates. Both born in 44 but 2 yrs apart cause of a "learning disability I have.
I remember hearing his voice many times especially in the afternoon, after school. Hearing him reminded me of my home. WE were at boarding school. He'd be singing in the dorm with his fathers music. Just like home, we were at boarding school. Frank Jr. would play the piano before dinner. He would always comply when I requested Clare de loon, a kind haunting instramental. I was one of his fans. He was very shy at the time and we hardly spoke. I just listened to an accomplished 16 yr old musician, with a wry sense.
Frank has the greatest retro show. I've been running around our beautiful state catching his show in various venues, all great. Some more intimate than others. What a great way to see parts of our beautiful state I probabaly would ever see, like Turlock and Cashe Creek where ever that is.

Hurrahs Tahoe, He was gracious enuff to take this photo with me, 50 yrs of fanship and looking forward to more.
Thanks Frankie your are the greatest musician I've ever known. What an experience you have had in the music world. Thanks for sharin, cause you love it.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Especially love the chapter on pole poking
Pub 1977
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John Muir correspondence collection Holt-Atherton Special Collections :: Digital Collections

My granny Jette was a John Muir groupy. Wildflowers were her passion. As a poor girl is an unforgiving social standards left her with few chances. Wildflowers a free hobby. Late in live she spoke to clubs about her love wildflowers. She was a first native garden lady in my life.

Holt-Atherton Special Collections :: Digital Collections

The Anatomy of a Trench Coat - a knol by Grant Harris

The Anatomy of a Trench Coat - a knol by Grant Harris

I remember my first trench coat.

Freshman in college, San Jose State. Free from family and making my way, I bought a trench coat, with a belt for rainy days in the bay area. Some would say I felt european aire and not at all like the rest of the students. I remember a guy saying I looked Russian, not meaning a compliment, I took it as one anyway.
A coat and knee boots made a complete outfit, no need to worry about the rest your wardrobe when its covered by a coat. That was my Aunties advice. Auntie Freda was a spicey old lady who had a collection of coats not a one was a trench coat, but all had the label "Bullocks".

Red black green blue and brown all packed into the front closet. All but her favorite brown coat, which she had ready for an outing. Auntie was a vivacious laughing woman with an uneasy childhood. She grew up on the edge of Chinatown in LA. Family memories of her sisters going to bullocks to copy designs to make at home. Our family was very hi fashion even if we/she was from the other side of the tracks.

Her mother Julia has a treadle singer in the dining room. We all made our clothes, 4 generations. A visit to Julias house you will see the machine sitting in the window of the dning room, sewing ready.

My favorite coat at the moment is an army green wool floor length no belt.
A coat is a home away from home. Usefull for many emergencies. I use my coat as a blanket, when traveling. A coat coveres a miriad of costuming errors.

My second favorite coat is an dark green hermes leather coat nearly 30 ys old and still good wearing. A great love bought that one for me. I had it relined a few years ago. The great love has passed to another............ Great for the rain. Thank god I bought large sizes 30 yrs ago. It still fits. Buy em big, for the layers event. Active wear shouldnt bind.

Nothing binding is a good rule