Sunday, March 25, 2012

Living Mulch System 2003.

There are crops that enrich your soil and some that deplete.
Its raining right now in Nipomo. Some sunflowers and fava/bell beans are sprouting from last years crop.  As the weather warms other seeds will sprout. Grass is the first to come up. This morning I pulled many grass sprouts before they went to seed. I cover much of my garden with straw or mulch so I will always have grass sprouts to pull.  I catch them before they seed. Easy to pull from the soft earth mulched with straw or other matter.
The link below explains green mulch used in farming.
Living Mulch System 2003.
In my farmette, green mulch is gathered in the winter and piled to make compost, usually not far from where it grew. We have lovely piles of compost rotting away where it is needed instead of carting it back and forth to a central source.  Mini piles saves time and effort. 

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